“Thank you Lorraine that was just perfect for me, you truly tuned into what I needed…”  Marcus, Titirangi [Reiki and Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage]

“Lorraine is a sensitive and skilled practitioner of Ayurveda…I am happy to endorse her work” Jill, Waiatarua [Shirodhara, Massage, Consultation, Nasya]

“[The Ayurvedic] massage experience has been enormously relaxing, centring and revitalising.  I have had a sense of lightness and rejuvenation for several days after…”  Judy, Woodlands Park [Ayurvedic Massage]

“I have tried different treatments including Ayurveda, for sinusitis [which I have suffered with for over 15 years]. Nothing has helped me as the treatment I had today.  Thank you once again.”  Gayatri, Blockhouse Bay [Nasya]

“I feel great!  Am getting a bigger picture focus and feel more at peace.  Thank you.”  Jessica, Glen Eden [Reiki]

“I am very ‘bad’ at committing myself to courses in the evenings (I often enrol and then do not go).  It is amazing I have had 100% attendance, thank you very much Lorraine”  [Clear Your Cluttered Mind Class]
“Great variety of topics, very appropriate subject matter. 
Inspiring calm balance…”   [Clear Your Cluttered Mind Class]

“Enjoyed your honest, quiet approach and your respectful responsiveness to the group and our needs”  [Clear Your Cluttered Mind Class]
“Reinforced that I need to take time out”  [Clear Your Cluttered Mind Class]


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