Ayusoma Ayurveda in Pictures


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This gallery contains 16 photos.

A pictorial medley of some of the things that we do…(just hover over the images to get a brief description).  Want …

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Selfcare, Share, Check In #6


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Roses of appreciationSelfcare share of the day: Selfcare #6 Spraying people with heart-felt compliments.  Everyday I try and do this.  Sometimes we are going at such a fast pace that we can forget to appreciate those around us.  Appreciation for others is great self care as it not only feels good for you but it also reminds the other person how great they are.

So the question remains, “What have you done to honour yourself today?”  Take your power back and fill up your happiness tank right now, the point of power is right in this moment.

‘Check in’ look after each other and ask (check in) with friends and family – “what have you done to honour yourself today?”  Let us start an epidemic of caring for ourselves and each other.

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